Every women dream clean and transparent skin. Lisse is not a dream but a real.


Every women dream clean and transparent skin. Lisse is not a dream but a real.


Every women dream clean and transparent skin. Lisse is not a dream but a real.


Every women dream clean and transparent skin. Lisse is not a dream but a real.


Every women dream clean and transparent skin. Lisse is not a dream but a real.

Technology of Lisse has been achieved impressive growth in new attempt and change for making real from customer's dream. Lisse Institute of Technology which consist of the masters inside and outside of the country of machinery, electron, chemical and biotech industries set the foundation to secure the brand value of "World first" and "World best" through endless research and development for beauty and health care industries.

Lisse develops the various products not only personal equipment but also medical specialization device and cosmetic based on this technology.

AHHS System

AHHS electrolyze water with Platinum electrode to create hydrogen ion and then pass the electrode which electrons are collected to create H2, OH- and H2O2 selectively to dissolve water safely. H2 to remove active oxygen and oxygen to expedites body metabolism are dissolved at the same time to make the optimal water to our body.

Virus Zero axenic structure

Lisse consists of direct water structure unnecessary water tank, so no need to worry of virus and pollution.

Create infinites hydrogen water within 5 seconds.

Lisse can create hydrogen water real time sequentially, boast differentiated technical skills to create hydrogen water without waiting, within 5 seconds to provide.

HP-M103 high concentration hydrogen powder

HP-M103 is high concentration hydrogen powder made by Lisse's cutting-edge technology to use hydrogen which is hard to save for the ingredient of cosmetic. HP-M103 made by special formular through hundreds of tests is the core material for Lisse's cosmetic line to provide perfectly differentiated with the other cosmetics over 1000ppb high concentration hydrogen to skin.

Vitamin exchange system

Vitamin exchange system is designed to prevent oxidation of vitamin C in the water and dissolve the fixed quantity of vitamin with running water to provide fresh vitamin all the time. Attach to Lisse products to help to provide vitamin C and E with the hydrogen water created from AHHS system.

Vitamin C and E providing through Lisse's vitamin exchange system
help not only skin whitening but also collagenesis to catalyze skin reproduction.
Mineral water generation system

Mineral water system is the system to dissolve the fixed quantity of mineral such as essential nutrients, calcium, magnesium etc. with running water. Attach to Lisse products to help to provide mineral water with hydrogen water created from AHHS system.

Maleficence of active oxygen

Active oxygen is known as Oxygen free radical, it's different from the oxygen we breath, oxygen in unsteady condition.

'Active oxygen' which is created excessively by the various causes such as environmental pollution, chemicals, blood circulation disturbances, stress, UV rays and so on generates process of oxidation in our body.

This process of oxidation destroy the cell structure of our body to make serious problems like mutation, cancer, physiological function decline etc. In other words, active oxygen is the primary cause of various diseases and aging.

Cause of formation
of active oxygen

Overeating, drinking, smoking
stress, contamination, pollution
UV rays

Active oxygen

Creation active oxygen in the body

Active oxygen effect

Destroy DNA and cell

Disease emergence

Mutation, cancer, atopy, physiological function decline, aging, various diseases

The cause of skin problem and diseases is active oxygen
Cause of formation of freckle, acne, atopy and wrinkle is active oxygen

In the past, people think the causes of skin problem are UV rays, stimulus, hormone imbalance but according to a new study, found out the causes of all skin problems are in connection. Also, toxic oxygen oxidize collagen and elastin of skin and transform the structural protein to make wrinkle.

Change for the age of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Humnan body has the cytologic material named SOD(Superoxide Dismutase), the role of this cytologic material is removing active oxygen inside the cell.
At an early age, SOD is creating vigorously but forming SOD will significantly reduce when getting old so need of antioxidant.

Cell interaction of hydrogen

Hydrogen is the smallest atom(H) in space, it's antioxidant which reach to 176 times of vitamin. It removes the active oxygen(toxic oxygen), the cause of aging inside the skin to prevent aging and also help to skin wrinkle, skin whitening and diet. And the role of protection the human body against the disease and aging.


diffusion to the place of occurrence of active oxygen


Pass for all water solubility/fat solubility and available to penetrate to the cell inside nucleus


Only remove active oxygen(hydroxyl radical -OH) harmful to human body selectively


Combination with active oxygen, revivify to pure water to discharge from the body so harmlessness to human body

Efficacy effect of hydrogen
Present condition of patent and certification

All beauty devices, medical devices and cosmetics of Lisse are created with the first technology by the best researchers after lengthy study to present the best beauty for all women who dream of healthy beauty.

The technology of Lisse is credited for the quality globally.
Passed all strict certifications such as US FDA registration, US FC certification, Europe CE certification and so on and proved excellent performance for the technical parts.
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